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The first app that offers real-time schedules of the passenger ships that cross the Strait of Gibraltar.


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What is Trip OnTime?

Trip OnTime is a multi-platform service (still in beta) that allows users to manage their time better, as it shows the real-time geolocation of ferries and their estimated arrival times, and also allows users to buy tickets using their mobile phones.

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Users can get the real-time position of their means of transportation using the App map. They will also find its estimated arrival time.

Time management

As it shows real-time information about the means of transportation, Trip OnTime enables users to manage their time better and buy their tickets anywhere.

Buy online

Choose your ship, select the time and buy your tickets. It's easy! With Trip OnTime you will not have to fill difficult forms to find tickets, you will only have to open the app on your mobile phone.

More services

You will be notified about last-minute offers at lower prices, weather warnings, any delay, incidents, and much more.

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Juanfri Salas

CEO, Management

Ale Jiménez


Andrés Miguel

Technical development

Jose Jiménez

Technical development